Work work work

So this week heralded the first proper week in my new team based in Worcester. Now as I live in Derbyshire this has meant having to become a proper commuter on the train for the first time in my working life, and already I’ve got to say the people who do this everyday of their … More Work work work

Basic Baking!

It was my mums birthday at the weekend and rather than get her a shop bought cake,she asked for a traditional chocolate sponge cake made by yours truly. As well as running and amateur photographry, I’m also very much into baking cakes! I’m not going to claim I’m an expert,and there will be lots of … More Basic Baking!

English Patience

I had a meal with my parents at the weekend, and the afternoon made me chuckle as I looked around and saw something which made me realise how funny the English are.  Basically we had gone to a really nice English pub which we’d previously visited and the food was so good we decided to … More English Patience

Lake District trip

Last weekend I made a trip to the Lake District with a number of my fellow running friends from my running club and it was amazing!  The first night didn’t initially bode well, with a huge rain storm hitting while a few of us were eating in a nice pub! I understand this can be … More Lake District trip

A Bryson Review

I’ve just finished reading a book by one of my favourite authors, Bill Bryson; The Road to Little Dribbling”. For those that don’t know who Bill is (I’m not on first name terms with him, but it’s easier to call him that rather than his whole name all the time!), he is an american author … More A Bryson Review

Scare Fest

I can remember my earliest nightmare, one from childhood from when I was about 5 years old and which could be made into a decent horror movie (actually..I’m going to register my nightmare so that I own the copyright to it! No films without my permission please!!) which involved me waking up to see a … More Scare Fest