Happy New Year everyone! I decided to start off 2017 with a shorter blog but one which I’m sure many people probably share in terms of thoughts.

Inspirations? Well we all have our own don’t we? Most of us will probably have the famous big names that may be associated with our personal hobbies or personal interests, be it an author of your favourite book or that sports woman/man of your favourite team. The inspiration can come in different forms too, that author may set something off in your heart when you read a favourite passage, making you wish you could write like that,having the power to evoke such emotion. That sports person may inspire a feeling of resolve and determination in yourself to do better in your own approach to sport. For me personally in terms of sports people, some of my favourite include cricketers such as Freddie Flintoff or James Taylor. James Taylor in particular just amazes me. For those that aren’t familiar with the game of cricket (I suspect probably all of my readers,it’s not a particularly popular sport such as football) James was an international player who came to the news spotlight last year after having to make a sudden retirement from the game due to his heart failing on him and he is still under 30 years old. For any athlete who has to stop their sport it is hard enough,but for one to have to give up just when they were approaching their prime it seemed very unfair. However, on recovery they have used their experience to make sure heart awareness was raised and also to give back to young children the opportunity to get involved in the game that they might not otherwise have got. Being famous hasn’t stopped them from being humble with their fans either, I actually met him only a month after his health incident and he was happy to talk to me and have his picture taken with me even though he was probably still at that point feeling very devastated and nervous about what the future would bring. His approach to his illnes and how he dealt with it inspired me to realise how lucky I am with my life.

Other inspirations come from the running world, those who have achieved amazing feats,pushing their bodies to limits I can only dream of,pushing through the pains and tears to get to the finish line. They are both male and female, I don’t differentiate between sexes to be honest,it’s their approach and positivity which makes me on watching them go “yeah! I’m going to go on a run now! I’m going to sign up for a race!” I know I’ll never match their achievements but that doesn’t matter,it’s the fact they are inspiring me to get out and try the sport!

From earlier posts you may realise I’m heavily involved in charity work. The particular charity I’m in includes working with deaf children,this charity having been set up over 30 years ago by a few teachers of the deaf. They inspire me too, imagine the passion required to get something like this set up just to help those families out there who wouldn’t ordinarily get it. All of them gave up a huge amount of their time,indeed they continue to do so! And for free! Indeed it was their passion that inspired me to get more involved on the trustee side of things. I can only hope to match a tiny portion of what they’ve achieved in my time with the charity on the board. The fact that they wanted my involvement has given me more pride and a sense of worth than any full time job I’ve had.

Recently I have started following a number of people on Twitter, and it’s amazing to me from little points they make in a daily basis how they inspire me to remember there is a wider world out there with lots of things happening, and that if they can deal with it then so can I!

But then inspiration comes from more personal things,from people who I deal with on a daily basis. One of my biggest ones is my mum. Sounds cheesy I know, but for people who know me on a personal basis, how I interact with you and others is down to my mum. I’m not saying my dad hasn’t influenced who I am as a person, but it was always my mum who seemed to guess when I had to problems with friends as a child,always being cool and telling me it was their loss if they didn’t want to play! She also has stayed working for one company for 39 years! Towards the end (she has recently retired now) I know she was unhappy with the people she worked with and the direction they were heading. But she continued to work her hardest,never letting these feelings affect her professionalism. And she was like that as far back as I can remember. I look back and remember how typically moody I was as a teenager and how even after long tough days at work she was always there bearing the brunt. Most people might say as a mum that’s her job! But she could have been different in her approach, I’m very lucky! Both my parents are amazing in one particular aspect,hinted upon in earlier posts, but how they’ve dealt with not only my deafness but my sisters too is amazing. They’ve striven in life to make sure we get the best support we can from the medical world and school and college and work. It must have been so hard for them as no one else in the family are deaf, so they had to work it out themselves. For that I’ll forever be eternally grateful.

Finally my other biggest inspiration comes from my best friend. She became a great friend a number of years ago now, her sense of humour and not being afraid to take the mickey out of me was a breath of fresh air after I had been going through some tough times myself,something she probably isn’t aware of! She also turned out to be amazingly deaf aware! I can safely say she’s the only person I know who I can’t bulls**t on whether I’ve heard a conversation or not. My ongoing weakness is still not admitting I’ve properly heard or not,choosing the easy option of guessing and hoping for the best! However somehow if she’s part of the conversation she knows! Now if she is part of a group of friends together,she’ll always check I’ve heard without drawing attention and thus making me feel ashamed,even though I shouldn’t feel ashamed! She also always offers to make phone calls on my behalf (I’m rubbish on the phone too 😂)

This friend definitely has more guts than me,having taken the courage to start up her own business from scratch, something I don’t think I’d dare do for sure! Recently she has been going through a tough time of it lately, but you know what? Even though it has and continues to be a difficult time for her, she continues to put up with me. Again for those who know me or who has read some earlier posts, you’ll know at times I can be a right mardy so and so (mardy..aka sulky and grumpy!) over work or my hearing aid problems,but she’s been fab in still listening to me and offering sound advice. However like lots of humble people,she most likely doesn’t recognise this as being inspiring,instead just saying it’s life and lots of people are in similar situations. This is probably true,but I don’t know them! And they like my friend,are most likely inspiring their friends without realising it!

So on the off chance she does read this, you are an amazing mate and you are inspiring no matter what you feel otherwise! Although times are tough, things will work out over time, and how you’ve been there for many people, remember they are there for you. Thanks for being a great mate in the mean time and my inspiration!

To finish off the post in general, whatever you do in life,always remember to look to your inspirations during the difficult times as well as the good. For me it does ensure that you yourself may inspire others through your acts,be they little or large. And if you can, let those who you know inspire you know they do, and thank them. Life can be so hectic that they might not know they are making a difference for some people, hopefully telling them will give them a sense of appreciation and realisation that life has it’s amazing points!

Ta ta for now!


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