Human nature 

Well it’s been a very busy week since my last post,having to travel across the country as part of my work which has left me absolutely shattered and getting home so late I just haven’t had the energy to write anything,I apologise! 

This post as you can see from my title is essentially on human nature and how I just can’t fathom it! Once in a while some body will do something for me which reaffirms my faith in humanity, a case in point being a couple weeks ago when I went on a really long run. Towards the end my legs had started to cramp up really badly and had to slow to a halt to stretch out quickly before they seized up completely. While doing this a couple in their late 60’s to early 70’s came up to me to see if I were OK. On explaining what I had done and why I were cramping up,both of them proceeded to try and find some food in their bags to share with me,a complete stranger! In their minds they just wanted to help me out,indeed they asked where I was parked and if I was going to be ok to get to my car or if I needed a lift! That single gesture of kindness gave me such a feel good buzz and in that moment I saw all that was good about humans! 

Flash forward to last week and I saw the beginnings of the worse behaviour which had me ranting like mad and which the picture below will help explain!

Yes, some “kind” person had driven past my car and side swiped my wing mirror off,breaking it off its hinges and cracking the glass and destroying the electric motor which controls the movement of the mirror. To make it worse the top half of the mirror with the indicator (the signal part) had been placed on the pavement (sidewalk!) on the opposite side of the car off the road where I had parked. I knew there was always a risk in parking where I do simply because I have to park half on the pavement and half on the road because there are no parking spaces available for my area I live. However for someone to smash into my mirror,stop to obviously check what damage has been done and then drive off without leaving their details is simply annoying beyond belief. (Trust me,my language wasn’t so nice last week,teaching myself a few new words in the process!). To honest drivers and honest people in general this is incomprehensible, yes the world is expensive now for everyone but that is what insurance is for (maybe they didn’t have any which is even worse!). I have been involved in a few bumps in my lifetime, accidents do happen after all and no one is perfect. But if I’ve seen any damage I have always left my details should they wished to claim on my insurance for repair costs. I simply couldn’t do otherwise, I know how much cars are seen as prides and joy for many people (mine is!) and I know how for many people they have spent years saving up for their car. So even though I knew it was most likely an accident, I still got that day took it very personally, ok my car isn’t brand new anymore but that isn’t the point,the point is I pay my car insurance, I pay my road tax,doing everything a good driver should do and I still take pride in my car! It seems a funny human emotion but it was almost as if the driver had hit a part of my body! I have in the meantime resigned myself to the fact I will now have a big repair bill and will probably have to wait a couple of months before I can afford to pay for it.

Cue to last night! On arrival at the supermarket in view of a nice bright light I see someone has kindly taken their key or a coin to the side of my car and gauged a nice scratch on it! Again my rage knew no bounds and if my name was Bruce my clothes would have ripped off and I would have had to go buying my milk and bread while in hulk mode! “Hulk mad..hulk car scratched..hulk need beer” kind of thing! But again in the cold light of day assessing it I was asking myself why? Was it personal? The nature of my job means I’m stuck inside all day and so I can’t have angered anyone local. Indeed the only time I venture out my house locally is when I pop into town for the occasional coffee or to walk down to my local supermarket but never have I acted rude with anyone, thank my parents for my upbringing to be polite to everyone I meet! So maybe it was just a moment of jealousy, my car is old now but it is still a nice model, but then there are much nicer cars on my road which are worth 3 times mine!  It may have simply been an act of boredom to some kid walking home and my car was the first they came across. Whatever the reason I now have a lovely gouge on my car which is in itself probably going to cost a few hundred pounds to get properly repaired, but this time I reported to the police because I classify this as malicious vandalism! 

I’m no psychologist but I can’t fathom why anyone would want to do this? Why would you get your kicks from deliberately damaging someone else’s property,especially someone you don’t know? Or maybe that’s the reason why they did it,the buzz from doing a criminal act in the public without getting caught? That’s what you read about when criminals confess why they do petty things like this. But then I think,well my life is dull but I’m not about to go on a crime spree damaging other people’s property for the buzz of it. There are plenty of things to do in life which are legal! So to anyone who uses that as an excuse I’m calling you out,I’m saying it’s a load of crap (pardon my language!) and people who do this are just basic malicious mindless vandals.

I suppose the key thing for me to do now though is not lose faith in humanity and even though both recent incidents are going to leave me seriously out of pocket, I have to remind myself of despicable acts of humanity taking place across the world. I have to remind myself I should be thankful I have a car and a place to live and in general I can go around my daily life without fear of being attacked for my race or my sex. The world does seem an awful place at times when you read the news, so I suppose I’ll finish this post off by saying remember what is happening in the world,be thankful for what you have and to do your bit no matter how small to be the best of humanity even if it is just a random act of kindness to someone. 

Have a great day everyone!


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