Family Times

As a single guy living on my own, I lead a hectic life of fitting in my charity work around my full time work, and now trying to fit in races and training runs ready for next years Ultra marathon. And recently I have been really lucky enough to be invited to some best friend weddings (I love weddings!). All this though has led to be me being really bad in visiting my family in Leicestershire. My parents are great, they’ll attempt to come and visit me in Derbyshire, taking me out for Sunday lunch every so often, but it’s rare I have time to go and visit them (such a bad excuse I know, I need to fit in time!).

But today, knowing I’m busy again in the next couple of weeks, I decided to give them the good news that I would be heading over and in return I got a Saturday “Sunday lunch”! Even though I moved out of my parents over 5 years ago, whenever I get there, it’s almost like putting your old prized pair of running shoes on again, such a comfy fit! Take today for example, I arrive to sit down and my dad was doing the usual cleaning of the budgie cage out (they own 8 budgies..don’t ask!) my mum was busy rushing around upstairs cleaning and my sister was in her room getting her make up ready to meet up with her boyfriend, leaving me to sit down to entertain myself! But this “normality” is what I find I need every so often when I’m having a busy stessful period myself, it’s a nice reminder that I’m not fully alone and there is more to life than work.

It’s only now as I’m getting older (still in my 30’s though!) and my parents are getting older that I’m appreciating the family values more though. My relationship with my younger sister too is one I love, we share the same sarcastic sense of humour, laughing at the same things in life and again, I value my time with her as a distractant from hectic life that sometimes my long reflective runs cannot fulfil. Indeed, especially with regards to my parents, I’ve been making more time to join them watching Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club live at their home ground this year rather than with my mates!

My sis and I killing the selfie game! (she got the looks in the family!)

My family aren’t perfect, just like all familes we have our ups and downs, but ultimately we do all love each other even when they can sometimes drive me bonkers! But I’m aware that with what is happening in the world, with families being displaced through wars, through illness or serious fallings out that I am one of the lucky ones. This is why I will always be thankful for my family times.


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