Reflection Time

Running in a short but sweet and hilly race last night, I realised that while enjoying the views and the hustle and bustle of running past people (or mostly in my case having people run past me!) I found I still had time to reflect on life!

This is one of the main reasons why I actually love running so much, not only down to the amazing views of the countryside, or the feeling of being part of a wider community, but that it allows me to just take some time out of every day life and cares. I have an added advantage to other runners I think too, the fact that when I go running, I have to take my hearing aids out so I am in complete silence.

It’s very hard to describe that feeling, I’m guessing the closest that non deaf people come to sharing it is when they have head sets on to listen to music, but, the thing with music, you are still subconsciously listening to the tones or the words without realising it. Whereas for me, I cannot hear anything, not even the pounding of my feet on the ground or the sound of my heavy breathing (I’ve been told I sound like I’m going to collapse any minute when I come up running behind someone I breath that heavily!).  So this running takes on a whole new feeling for me. It sounds completely cheesy, but I go into a whole sense of peace.

My thoughts I worked out last night are so random though; on some runs I may just be reflecting on my surroundings, thinking how lucky I am to be in such stunning countryside, other times I’ll be in a geeky mode (I studied geology and geography at university) and I’ll be looking around and be amazed at the forces of nature that led to the landscape forming as it is. I’ve mentioned how I’m chair of a charity, and recently I’ve had a lot of work on to get it up and running so a lot of stress involved! So running became a release for me during the weeks leading up to it, a chance to get in the fresh air, finding that coming back after an hour had refreshed me ready to make another hit on my emails. Sometimes I’ll get thinking about great story plots for that amazing book I’m going to write one day…the only problem being by the time I get home and showered I’ve forgotten the plot! Maybe I should take my phone with me so I can record my thoughts??

More recently, I have been using the opportunity to reflect on my life, using my runs to reflect on what I have and haven’t achieved and where I’m going in the future. I’ve found no answers I’ve got to admit! But this will never stop me running, the simple endorphin release after a good run more than makes up for it, and I’m still hopeful I’ll find inspiration at some point!

I’m sure I’m not alone though in finding time to reflect on runs, so has any other runners had any moments of inspiration in your runs? Maybe you’ve worked out the answer to that difficult equation you’ve been working on in life, or you’ve worked out your shopping list for the week, remembering that extra pint of milk you need to get because you have vistors coming in! What do you find yourself thinking about? Either way, let us enjoy our moments of reflection, after all in our hectic lives, these are probably the only times we truly get to ourselves now!


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