New Body Please!

I’ve been involved with sports in some form or another since as long as I can remember, mainly at the amateur level as I never had the dedication to push myself into a proper training regime like the elites do! But over the years, I have accumulated an impressive collection of injuries from top to bottom and attending the doctors today got me thinking about all of the times I’ve had to visit the doctors, either at the General Practise or the Accident and Emergency Room!

Here is a list of some of the injuries I’ve had over the years and which sports I’ve got them in (this list is by no means exhaustive, its just what I can remember!)

  • Head – split head open a number of times, mainly school playground games.
  • Burst eardrum – playing as a goalkeeper in football, some guy couldn’t jump over me in time as I dived to take the ball and he stood on my head, wearing hearing aids his studs pushed the earmould in my ear too far and it breached my ear drum so to speak. Agony and left me with a bloody mess!
  • Concussion – football again, diving to take the ball and someone smacking into me with their knees, don’t remember much about that game!
  • Broken nose – touch rugby, went to tackle the opposition player, mistimed and the back of his foot in running motion seperated my nose from its proper place!
  • Broken tooth – see broken nose injury!
  • Shoulder joint collapse – this through doing a military style training, that was my fault, should have stopped training sooner but didn’t, but this injury led to the main shoulder joint caving in on itself and required open keyhole surgery to shave the bone off where it was grinding into each other, means I have one arm slightly shorter than the other! Also means I now have a permanent weather forecaster, I know when cold and damp weather is on the way through my shoulder aching.
  • Dislocated thumbs and fingers – football and cricket various times, through the cricket ball/football hitting my hand so hard it has bent them out where I’ve had to pop them back in (seriously seriously hurts!)
  • Cracked clavicle – cricket, mistimed my fielding and the cricket ball smashed into the bone and cracked it, again, seriously painful!
  • Cracked ribs/bruised ribs – cricket and football, the ball hitting me once and the other time having someone smash into me. I think rib damage happens to be the worse because it affects your ability to breath properly!
  • Torn hamstring – running, this took me out for over a month while I grumped (who? me? grump? you’d never guess would you!)
  • Damaged hip flexor – marathon training. Again, I should have stopped rather than carry on with the training but as I was doing it for charity and had raised some money already, I felt an obligation to carry on. This led to nearly a year out from being able to run, serious grumping times for me that year!
  • Sprained ankles/damaged ligaments – trail and fell running, the rough surface is prime ankle damaging opportunities! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone rolling around the floor in agony after tripping over, in fact I’m only just getting over my last fall..d’oh!

People (and nurses at the A&E!) ask me why, when I’ve had all the injuries above, leaving my body wrecked and in some form of pain or the other, do I carry on?? Well..for me personally, its the endorphin release I get after exercise, the moment of freedom if I’m running in amazing countryside with amazing views where I can forget about my worries, it’s the sense of joy and happiness I get at finishing a tough race or game, knowing I’ve pushed myself to my own boundaries. And even though the pain from injuries can get particularly bad, they are worth it in the grand scheme of things.  So its rest, recover and push yourself ever onwards! Or..if anyone is offering..could I trade my body in for something newer and better??

Oh..finally..why was I in the doctor’s tonight? I’ve got Tendonitis…and no..this time it’s not through any exciting sport..instead its from being sat at a boring computer all day! Hmm..need to think of something more exciting though..after all..who will be impressed by over use of the mouse…


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