Hearing aid woes 

A deaf person is like a computer in someways. We are never at our best in the morning and you can almost see the blue circle over our heads going round and round as we boot ourselves up in the morning! It may seem strange to people who aren’t deaf, but us deafies do actually … More Hearing aid woes 


Happy New Year everyone! I decided to start off 2017 with a shorter blog but one which I’m sure many people probably share in terms of thoughts. Inspirations? Well we all have our own don’t we? Most of us will probably have the famous big names that may be associated with our personal hobbies or … More Inspirations!

Happy loner!

A work colleague asked me today as to whether I get bored working at home being on my own all the time. And my honest answer, was actually no! I’m one of those happy loners in life! Let me clarify, this isn’t something where I feel lonely, more that I choose to live life by … More Happy loner!

Human nature 

Well it’s been a very busy week since my last post,having to travel across the country as part of my work which has left me absolutely shattered and getting home so late I just haven’t had the energy to write anything,I apologise!  This post as you can see from my title is essentially on human … More Human nature 

Fruity cake times

Today I have just baked a fruit cake for my dad as its his birthday. Neither of my family like the traditional sponge cake with jam filling and covered in icing, with my mum having her chocolate Victoria sponge cake yesterday and my dad choosing to have a fruit cake today!  So today I thought … More Fruity cake times

Work work work

So this week heralded the first proper week in my new team based in Worcester. Now as I live in Derbyshire this has meant having to become a proper commuter on the train for the first time in my working life, and already I’ve got to say the people who do this everyday of their … More Work work work

Basic Baking!

It was my mums birthday at the weekend and rather than get her a shop bought cake,she asked for a traditional chocolate sponge cake made by yours truly. As well as running and amateur photographry, I’m also very much into baking cakes! I’m not going to claim I’m an expert,and there will be lots of … More Basic Baking!